City Plates Collection 2


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  • Contemporary decorative plates made of porcelain
  • 4 featured cities – New Orleans, Washington DC., Las Vegas & Dubai.
  • Each city’s downtown core printed on a black background
  • Key buildings are represented with red icons; rivers & public spaces are shown in vivid blue & green
  • 12” (30.48 cm) diameter

The theme of the City Plates Collection 2 is culture and capital(ism). The chosen cities are New Orleans and Washington, D.C., both rich in history and culture, and the booming megalopolises of Las Vegas and Dubai. These contemporary decorative plates feature each city’s downtown core printed on a black background. Key buildings are represented with red icons, while rivers and public spaces are shown in vivid blue and green in these urban plates. The City Plates Collection 2 will bring your enthusiasm for globetrotting straight to your dining space.

Our notion of how cities arise (if antiquated) usually follows an organic model—a natural feature of the earth’s topography lends itself to the support of human existence, and provides the foundation for human progress (a bottom-up process.) But in the current age of man’s virtually complete control of the environment, cities can be fabricated almost instantaneously (in geological terms) and at the whim of greater and greater feats of civil engineering (a top-down process.) If culture and capital are two of the elements that define a successful society, what happens when they are used as preconceived notions, planned into a city rather than spontaneously resulting from the natural course of a city’s development over time? This porcelain dinnerware encaptures this notion with sheer elegance.

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